Prescious Treasures For Sale

All items have been handmade, curated, sourced and processed using sustainable and ethical practices. You will find all kinds of Art, insects, bones, feathers, stones, jewelry, tans, wet specimens, taxidermy, paintings, prints, merch, pinning kits, mystery boxes, organic art supplies, found treasures, & more! All of our artists work have spent years learning and perfecting their crafts.

Classes & Live Experinces

Do you like photoshoots, live animals & insects, activities, art projects, foraging expeditions, homeschool projects, science, art, & pure fun? So do we!

What have you been wanting to learn or do???

Whatever you’re into, chances are, we teach a class on it, or have a program that you can curate especially to your needs . We even cater to special events like weddings, brand launches, art gallery exhibits, birth and mortuary milestones, specially catered to you.

Online or in person!Learn More

Comissions & Mortuary Services

Ever wonder what your options are when it comes to end of life preparations for your pets?

We think your best friend deserves the very best, and the sky’s the limit. Click below to find out more about different mortuary arts, restoration & animal science services we offer.Learn More

We firmly believe that the wonder of nature should be accessible to everyone!

Since the Insect Asylum was founded its owner, Nina, has done everything in her power to make her program and art affordable for everyone.  The Insect Asylum is a small family owned business designed to create a sustainable lifestyle for the artist and animal educator, Nina Salem. Her studio is a place of excitement and enlightenment as her goal is to inspire people to love and respect her planet. her work is an outlet for her to share all of her beautiful talents to the world.