Our Standard Operating Hours Are As Follows:

Monday: Closed to the public ~ available for private events and sensory meetings

Tuesday: Closed to the public ~ available for private events and sensory meetings

Wednesday: Field trip day for schools from 9am-3pm then we are open to the public from 3pm-8pm ($10 entrance day) – Community day (anyone can reserve the educational center to host events, activities, or gatherings

Thursday: Open to the public from 10:30am-8pm ($20 entrance)

Friday: *Sensory friendly hours* are from 10:30 am to 3pm – there will be no music, no flashing or distracting lights and we will have limited entry (10 guests or 1 group)($25 entrance) then we are open to the public from 3:30-9pm ($20 entrance)

Saturday: Open to the public from 10:30am-7pm ($20 entrance)

Sunday: Open to the public from 1pm-6pm ($20 entrance)

  • We will be offering discounts to kids, college students, teachers (with ID), seniors, people with EBT, SNAP, WIC, city key or other assistance type programs will all be 50% off entry fee!
  • Group rates are available for parties of five or more and start at $80.00
  • If you cannot afford the entrance fee but would like to come in please reach out to see if any “sponsored tickets” from donors are available. If you are in a position to sponsor someone’s visit please send us a donation labeled “sponsor tickets for others”
  • Entry is free if you purchase an event ticket for any one of our events or if you have a promotional code from one of our artists.
  • SHOPPING IS FREE You are more than welcome to come in and support our artists that are represented in our gift shop. In fact we encourage it!
  • Membership opportunities will begin in May 2022. and are valid for 1 year.
    • Adventurer: $200 permits you and a guest access to the museum, priority on all events, and one free booking for the event space.
    • Explorer: $350 Family pass, permits you and your immediate family plus 2 guest kids and 1 guest adult.
  • If you donate $1000.00 or more you will receive a lifetime access pass which grants you and a guest VIP entry into any of our events (materials and supplies not included) as well as access to the showroom floor. You will also receive 5 event bookings of your choosing for up to four hours to make the space your own for the evening.
  • Events rentals: We will be accommodating many types of rentals for the space. Visit our contact us page to submit a rental inquiry. Rates vary on date, time, activity and number of guests.

We are officially a non-profit organization! Yay!!

Thank you so much for your show of support for my incredible dream. I genuinely hope with your support we can continue to be here and continue to enhance this unique experience for years to come.