Pam Sloan (Visual Artist and Educator of 20 years)

Environmental art exists in the tensions between creation and preservation, who we are and who we must become, global problems and local solutions. Iconography can range from rain forest to microorganism.  A native Chicagoan, Pam Sloan’s art currently focuses on list a of 12 priority species identified by the Chicago Wilderness Organization. They are small animals from bats to butterflies, that epitomize our region and its environmental challenges. 

These small creatures are mascots of entire biomes; rivers, grasslands, marshes, and forests, that are vanishing or weakening due to long-term results of industrialization and lack of stewardship. Their diminutive scale emphasizes the importance of biodiverse systems, rather than a single species. 

Pam’s art is highly textural, incorporating environmental artifacts from native grasses to bat guano, emphasizing the role of each animal as a link in a complex chain. 

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Pam Sloan’ working on one of her beautiful Rhinos

Angela Bachman of Grey Engel Artwork

Humble is a word that comes to mind when I think of Angela. she is so beautiful inside and out. in her skill set she focuses her energy on painting, fx driven makeup artistry, styling, modeling, dreadlocks design creation and instillation on top of so many more skills in her toolbox. She is constantly pushing forward to create new and exciting pieces of work to share with the world.

Oil on canvas 2 ft X 3 ft

Angela hard at work painting one of her inspiring pieces of art

Cecelia Wilkens

While creating has always been a large part of Cecelia’s life, it wasn’t until after she was medically separated from her time as an Army medic that she devoted herself to pursuing her dream of becoming a professional artist. Her artwork celebrates the delicate balance of nature through surreal and intricate illustrations and paintings and merges earthy sophistication with macabre symbolism. She hopes to bring awareness, beauty, and appreciation to uncomfortable and often overlooked aspects of life through her art- like death, mental health, and everyday struggles like burnout and stress. She hopes you find the same peaceful contemplation in her work.

When she’s not painting, she is exploring the world with her family, practicing yoga, gardening, and adding more houseplants to her collection. To find out more and to join her on this journey follow her on Instagram or check out her website at

Nicole Ryan

Look out world this force of nature just popped into your radar and now everything is different in the world. Seriously, this incredible human is an iron worker, nail tech, arborist (she cuts dead trees) taxidermist, artist and so much more. she also has a go getter attitude and is so kind it’ll make you squeak in excitement that so much love, kindness and pure talent can run through someones veins.

Nicole Artist, taxidermist, iron worker, creator, artisan

Holly Pink of Holly Pink Pro

This mega mom and beautician has produced an incredible line of vegan, all natural, and certifiable organic skincare products. Body Love was created by Holly Pink® during the 2020 pandemic. The line’s second product, Bomb@$$ Butter was made after nothing else relieved her son’s skin due to eczema, and it is definitely the fan favorite! Her line covers everything from Lotions that prevent and treat ingrown hairs to fixing body acne. Learn more about Holly and her incredible products at: @bodylove.hollypink @hollypinkpro on social media and

Handmade lotions, body butter and brush cleaners to keep your skin healthy
Holly Pink Owner/ Artisan

Georgia Alderson

This amazing woman is a powerhouse. She paints, draws, models, styles, creates and cares with every breath she takes. You will find Geo on a set supporting a DIY artist to fulfill their wildest dreams. Geo is also a Rabbit farmer and a darn good one to boot. So if you need some bunnies or amazing art Please hit up this beautiful soul.

Emily Olsen

Emily and her husband, Morris Ware, are semi retired residents of Ingomar, Montana. Their business, Coyotes R Us, focuses on sustainable harvesting and preserving pelts and skulls from coyotes that were dispatched legally and ethically to protect the regions wildlife and livestock. Emily made her first crude set of tooth earrings about three years ago and hasn’t stopped since. She has spent many hours designing new, unique pieces using as many natural and recycled materials as possible. Nothing makes Emily happier than to see someone wearing a piece of jewelry she made. She also makes and sells items designed from the pelts she procures.

Hazel Fricke

Hazel was born and raised in Texas. She moved to Chicago to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and fell in love with the natural world through volunteer work at the Field Museum. Hazel has a passion for both portraiture and entomology and enjoys creating scientific illustrations of specimens from her personal collection, mainly from Illinois, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona. She works primarily in oil paints, ink, watercolor, and colored pencils.