Greetings neighbors and visitors! The Insect Asylum is a safe and welcoming space for people of all walks of life to explore natural history in all of its splendor. Whether by appointment or just walking in. We are excited to provide a safe and sensory sensitive space for our neighbors to use their eyes, hands and hearts to fall in love with the wonders of our world. The Insect Asylum is proud to be a part of your next chapter in life and learning. 

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Our location is at 2870 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL, 60618

During this event, we will answer thinking questions about nature and the world around us! Each week will have a different theme! We will also do hands on activities that are perfect for all ages! Bring your kiddos to enjoy this awesome learning activity that includes admission to the museum as well!

Sensory Friendly Friday

During the hours of 10:30am and 3pm on Friday afternoons there will be no music, no flashing or distracting lights and we will have limited entry of 10 guests or 1 collective group. Activities will be available for those who choose to participate and change daily.

The exhibit has a lot of touch friendly items, we are a safe space for anyone. This is a stim friendly environment so if you require extra comforts please feel free to be yourself here.

call 312-961-7219 if you require any additional accommodations or would like to block out a time for a group, the main floor is handicap friendly.

Please use the promo code SENSORYKIDS to purchase your kids tickets at 50%off.

Flying Friday Kids Event

Each week we will discuss a different flying friend, whether it be animal or insect! We will be hosting activities related to the flying friend of choice and learn LOTS of facts about them! Help your little one learn about nature and the world we live in with this event! General admission to the museum is included in your ticket purchase so spend time browsing all we have to offer here at The Insect Asylum!

Sensory Seeking Sunday

Every week from 1pm-2pm we will be introducing a few new sensory seeking activities! Bring your family and come play with our sensory bins, make slime with us, find toy insects hidden amongst ooey gooey mixtures, and SO much more! Every week will be different and fun! Museum admission is included in the price of tickets, so please take time to explore our museum and shop while you’re here!



Our collection has over 10,000 vintage butterflies.



Our collection is home to over 2,000 moths


Other Insects

We also have thousands of Beetles, arachnids, mantids, flies, ants, bees, wasps, dragonflies… the list goes on!