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Here at The Insect Asylum we firmly believe that the wonder of nature should be accessible to everyone so we have created Chicago’s first mobile museum. This means we will bring the fun to you!

Book us for your next event and watch your guests gaze in amazement. Although a majority of the collection is deceased we absolutely bring the life of the party. Whether its a corporate happy hour, a birthday celebration or a nice day in the park, we will find the right activity to fit your environment. It is our duty as conservationist to encourage growth, enlightenment, and excitement for some of natures greatest gifts.

We don’t stop at Insects though… We have a vast majority of taxidermy specimen as well and unlike many other museums, we believe learning is a hands on experience so touching is totally encouraged.

Available Services and Rates:

Adventure Photo Shoot:

Experience the magic of macro-photography right in front of your eyes. Our Resident Photographer, Ryan Brandoff, Is a Pro at making our insects and animals look Amazing, whether you want to create a fantasy shoot or a corporate advertisement, we will make your dreams come to life. We can pose our insects, animals, and models to your specifications, or you can learn how the pros do it! A professional model will pose you with our critters to create a unique, keepsake photograph. Our photographer can also use his macro lens to reveal every delicate detail. Please email us if you are interested in setting up a collaborative project we are always open to creative ideas.Rates will vary based on shoot details.

Pop Up Gallery Experience:

Artistic displays featuring upwards to 4,500 specimen,taxidermy,and Live insects. This would require a build out of your venue space to transform your location to a wonderland. Rates will vary based on the size of your project and the amount of specimen you choose from our collection. This package is fantastic for brand launches, photo shoots, bridal and baby showers, Birthday or engagement parties. We have a resident Photographer, Ryan Brandoff , who’s services can be added to your package at a reduced rate.

Live Animal, Insect,and Arachnid Showing:

Bring your family to meet ours! Friends of The Insect Asylum will bring their Exotic animals for an up close and personal experience everyone will talk about. You will get a closer look at our exotic friends and have a Q&A with our zookeepers. That’s right! We have over 30 different animals and insects to choose from thanks to our new partners Scales And Tales Traveling Zoo. This 1 hour experience is fantastic for groups of all ages, You get to choose 8 animals to meet, hold, and even wear!

– Rate start at $450 and vary based on the size of the group and distance from our location.Animals selections may include: sloth, anteater, giant tortoise, turtles, sugar glider, macaw, cockatoo, barn owl, pacman frog, tarantula, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, little piggy, rabbit, hedgehog, prairie dogs, chinchillas, baby chicks, Large and small snakes, Bearded dragon, Crickets, guinea pig, Hercules beetles, Stag Beetles, ECT…

Kids Activity Club:


Design your own Rhopalocera, and let your creative side out! The kids make their very own watercolor butterfly in this fun art activity for all ages. We use coffee filters, pipe cleaners, watercolor markers, and some good old fashioned science to make some beautiful art that guests can take home with them.

Worm Dig

It’s a wriggly treasure hunt! search for worms in our awesome compost/sandbox. Look out for the neon green ones; those are the winners! All worms found can go home with your kids in their very own home composting bin.

Build your own worm farm (Composting 101)

Help the earth, and learn how easy it is to set up your own red worm composting bin with our 30 min vermicomposting class (best activity to follow our worm dig). Guests will Have fun making a loving habitat for their new little helpers. as they leave with their own worm farm to take home they can reflect on a fun activity that will ultimately help change their home food culture.. The class includes information about red worm composing, worms, compost starters, egg carton homes, and the satisfaction that you are doing something awesome for our planet!

Butterfly Pinning

Create your very own pinned butterfly specimens.Learn the delicate process of pinning and preserving one of the most admired insects. Students will pick their own specimen from our pre-hydrated butterfly chamber. Your guests will be able to take their project home at the end of the class.

Owl Pellet Dissection

Get ready because this class is a HOOT! Students learn about an owl’s prey by examining their remains.You will be given a sterilized owl pellet to dissect. With the tools of the trade, a helper to guide you through your journey, and a bone chart you will discover what creatures your bird had for supper. This is a slow, meticulous process that is exciting and rewarding. Every bit of fur you remove reveals more bones and answers about the owl’s habits. All pellets have been heat-treated to remove bacteria, and we will ensure that we’re practicing safe dissection. Let’s see how many skulls you can find. One of our students was able to uncover five in one pellet! WOW!!!

Magnify Your Life

A close-up view and scientific exploration of our specimens. View our breathtaking specimens using high-end technology courtesy of our in-house chemist. Our specimens for this project range in age from the mid 1940s to the present. During this class, we will explain what type of specimen you’re viewing, the importance of scientific research, and cataloging, while enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. You also have the opportunity to take your own macro pictures! We will email you all of the discovery photos recorded, and provide a special present to remember the experience at the end.

we also have some custom-made temporary tattoos for the kiddos. Start your own insect collection; get one, or collect them all!

Here’s a sample of our temporary tattoos!


Any donations will be accepted , and are greatly appreciated!

Call 312-961-7219 or email with any questions.