Please reach out to us with any questions, comments, concerns you may have.

  • We are now offering zoom and facebook classes online!
  • We can schedule and set up private showings within your gallery, school, or museum as well if you would like to utilize any of our materials for teaching resources.
  • If you have a nice space and would like to host an educational class, we are always looking for partners. We follow strict COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • If you would like to have a few creepy crawlies make a guest appearance at your next birthday party we would love to attend! Our rates vary depending on location and booking details.
  • We OFFER Mortuary services! After your beloved has passed away if youd like their spirit to live on we can make that happen for you.  so people can cherish their presence for eternity, If you would like to make a donation of materials or specimen please reach out! it would be our Honor to work with your beloved creature.
  • We OFFER Taxidermy restoration services. reach out if you need help bringing a beloved back to life! All styles welcome, no damage is too severe, we can make something beautiful out of anything!
  • We would love to be able to do more. If you love what we do and want to help us lower our costs to our customers. you can donate to help fund future projects. Everything we do we pay out of pocket for, we pay to learn, we pay for the tools, we put in the time , we run the tests and experiments we are constantly evolving to develop our craft. Costs are high due to the array of tools and supplies needed to bring these projects to life. Any help is greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a monetary donation that will be used to facilitate the collection. It will be put towards restoration, materials, expansion of insects within the collection, displays, and a physical location our paypal link is  or our Zelle (chase quick pay) is   Please be sure to send us your contact info so we can send a thank you gift for your contribution.

We look forward to hearing from you!