Our Collection

Our collection has been hand selected and donated by Nina Salem. She has privately sourced every piece of the collection through ethical and legitimate means. Nina Loves to focus on sustainable foraging and only removing things that will never be missed in nature. The vast majority of our collection is antique, which sets us apart from most other major insect collections. With insects dating back to 1910, this unique array of specimen are sure to create a buzz!

Our Roots

As a young girl, Nina grew up deep in the woods of New England. Her parents loved being in nature and took them hiking everywhere, because of this she began to develop a strong passion for the outside world at a very accelerated rate. She started collecting things she found along the way in every adventure she took.

Our Family

Our family is small but ever growing!

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Nina Salem Founder & CEO

Robert Runnels Vice President &CFO

Ryan Brandoff Resident Photographer and Board Member

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